Pneumatic Gripper, finger positioning

We have several customers that want to control pneumatic gripper fingers.

Often they want to control the finger positioning to reduce cycle time. There are also many cases where they use the grippers for other applications than gripping, for example Centering, pushing etc. To demonstrate our technology and the capabilities with our flexible positioning unit, FPU, we have uploaded a video on our Youtube channel. In this video, you can see how we position the fingers into different positions on an SMC MHL2 pneumatic gripper with D-MP position sensor. You can also see live feedback on a graph, where we present the control signal and the actual position. You can control any standard pneumatic actuator with our unit, simply add a standard analog signal (4-20mA, 1-5V, or 0-10V) for required position. There is also a feedback signal of the same type.

The video can be seen at:

How does this work?

Our positioning unit use 4 extremely fast 2/2 valves, 2 for each actuator chamber, one for exhaust and one for supply. It also monitors the pressure in each chamber with pressure sensors, actual position with the help of a position sensor. The internal regulator that calculates how to control the valves uses a closed loop PID-Controller.

How is this unique?

We turn analogue Pneumatics into digital Pneumatics.

Positioning of pneumatics have, traditionally been inaccurate and slow. Our valve technology combined with advanced control achieve accuracy and speeds earlier not seen in pneumatics.

Contact us for your control needs of pneumatic actuators. We can work with standard rod based actuators, double rod type, rodless, grippers, and also rotary tables and air motors. We can also supply you with complete systems with actuators and sensors etc. We have a lot of application experiences, so feel free to ask for advise.

We look forward to connecting with you!

Application example, Emergency stop

We regularly get specific application questions, and we will post the most common ones.

On emergency stop or during service, it is common to exhaust the air. This is extra important on pneumatic actuators as they stand for a lot of the mechanical movements. The application will determine what you want your actuator to do. In some case, you want the actuator to stay in position (which is our standard setup), and in some cases you want the actuator to loose all power so it can be moved by hand. Below is an application example, where our positioning unit is used for a positioning application with a pneumatic actuator. AND-valves are connected to the exhaust, which will release all air inside the actuator. Our positioning unit will sense that the air is gone and reduce valve cycling to 20Hz, and continue with positioning as soon as the air is returned. As the unit is using a closed loop controller, you will always know the position from the monitor signal, even if the actuator is moved by hand. video on

Application example, high accuraccy positioning

Visit our Youtube channel to  view our latest application example.

High accuraccy positioning of an SMC MXQ pneumatic precision Actuator with D-MP position Switch.

Our closed loop flexible positioning unit turn standard pneumatic actuators into complete positioning systems.

Very simple control – just use a standard analogue signal (i.e. 4-20 mA) for required position – no programming required.

Many customers prefer our solution in comparison with electric actuators and AC-Servos due to the simplicity, the cost benefit and the plug-and play functionality.