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New function – Simplified 3 position control

Some users of pneumatic actuators need the flexibilty of adjustable positioning, but only need three positions, typically that is the two end positions and one more position somewhere in the stroke.

Quite often, this is achieved by combining two actuators, making special 3-position actuators, or by using a separate actuator or stopper cylinder as an intermediate stop. Those solutions are not flexible, and tend to create new issues like space limitations, lead time of parts, reduced life time of the application (especially when using intermediate stops), and they use valuable engineering resources.

Some users want to have a better solution, but don’t want to have to add an analogue output for position control. Furthermore, Long stroke position sensors also add costs.

For those users, we are now introducing an option that can be used in our Flexible Positioning Unit, FPU – 3 Position control.

With a combination of standard PNP pulses with set times, you can now choose between each end position and an adjustable intermediate position on pneumatic actuators. It works on all types of pneumatic actuators, and add a lot of possibilities on rodless actuators. For the intermediate position, you only need a short position sensor.

Users that start with this function and find themselves needing more positions in the future can easily update by switching position sensor, adding an analogue control signal and just changing parameters in the FPU-Unit.

This new function is a selectable option in the standard units from mid July 2019. Users with older units can get a free firmware update.

Digital Pneumatics are here to stay!

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