Application Examples

You may only have seen pneumatic actuators being used for simple movements before, but with Staccato Technologies’ Flexible Positioning Unit, FPU, you can do things most people think they need powerful and expensive AC-Servos for. Below, you will find some of the more common requirements. See how Staaccato technologies made pneumatics digital.

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Alternative high speed settings

There are several alternative speed settings in our software;

Constant speed (set max speed)

High, adjustable speed with adjustable deceleration length

Max possible speed with adjustable deceleration length

In this video, you can see the difference between the settings.


Software Tutorial

Here you get an introduction on most of the functions

in the software package for the Flexible Positioning Unit, FPU.





Preset positioning with 8 positions

Manual control of 8 preset, adjustable positions

without need of external signals.




Small bore pneumatic gripper finger positioning

Finger positioning of a ∅ 12mm pneumatic gripper

Demonstration of the new 0.5mm orifice version





Force Control application example

Set the required Force in Newtons (N)

Simple demonstration on setting different force.



+/- 0.1mm visualized

+/- 0.1mm visualized

Demonstration of high precision actuation.



IP 67 Visualized

Positioning while being submerged in water.




Speed Control on the fly

Here we demonstrate how we use one analog input for positioning, and one analog input for stepless speed control




In some applications, you want a pre-determined state if a signal is lost. With our FPU-unit, you can choose 4 default states for when “Enable” signal is lost. You can choose:

  • Exhausted
  • Locked position
  • Fully extended
  • Fully retracted


Copy Function / Paralell drive

Example of how one actuator act as “Master” to a “Slave” actuator.

The feedback from the master actuators position sensor is used as set point to the slave actuator.


Multiple stops on rotary actuator

Here we show how you can control a pneumatic actuator in multiple positions. Work with vane style actuators as well as rack & pinion type.



Gripper Positioning

Positioning pneumatic gripper fingers in multiple stops. Set point and feedback position signal plotted on graph. Force can also be controlled.