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High Speed valves for liquids

Our high speed valves are now also available for liquids.

One customer has a dedicated interface, an all stainless valve with FKM seals and protection rate IP67.

We have response times down to 1 mS for air and 3mS for liquids. Available in orifices from 1-5mm.

Suitable for harsh and demanding applications, where  other valve suppliers struggle.

The valve has three patents that enable performance and life time no-one else can match. We manufacture our valves in our premises in Stockholm, Sweden.

Life expectancy of 1 Billion Cycles, which means that it will last over 100 years if you switch it 1 time per second 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, or close to 32 years if you cycle it 24/7

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Swedish media coverage:

New function added – Force Control

Some customers have asked for Force control possibility on the flexible positioning unit, so we decided to implement it. No need for cumbersome calculations, everything is handled by our software. Simply enter the requested force in Newtons (N). The internal controller calculate and control the pressure to bore size ratio, and ensure any deviations are corrected thanks to the feedback loop from the embedded pressure sensors. The high frequency of the valves will correct for leakages, load variations etc. quicker that you will notice. 

Have a look at the short example on our Youtube channel: